Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees

Through the combined bachelor’s/master’s program, qualified undergraduate students at American University may complete the master’s degree in Arts Management in a single year of additional study. This is accomplished by earning up to 12 graduate credits as an undergraduate that apply to both the undergraduate and the graduate degree.

For more information, contact the Arts Management Program. Current undergraduate students should also consult with their undergraduate academic advisor.

Application Process

Highly qualified AU undergraduate students in good academic standing may apply to the BA/MA in Arts Management as early as their sophomore year for enrollment as a Junior, or up until they’ve completed 90 credits toward their undergraduate degree (although there is some flexibility for students who have completed more than 90 credits).

Incoming freshman and rising sophomores are strongly encouraged to talk with their undergraduate advisors and with a faculty member in Arts Management about their interest in the combined degree.

Once accepted, students are not required to re-apply for the graduate program. They must, however, satisfy the conditions of admission to the graduate program at the end of their undergraduate career. No more than one graduate degree may be earned in a combined degree program. Students must maintain continuous enrollment between the bachelor’s and master’s degree to remain in the program.

For more information, or to apply to the BA/MA, contact the Arts Management Program.