Ana Cetina Director, Audio Technology Program CAS - Performing Arts

Ana Cetina is a sound designer, sound mixer, and an educator. She holds a BS in Audio Technology from American University and an MFA in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Ms. Ce

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Full Time Faculty & Staff

Braxton Boren Assistant Professor CAS - Performing Arts

Braxton Boren is Assistant Professor of Audio Technology at American University, where he joined the faculty in Fall 2017. He received a BA in Music Technology from Northwestern University, where he w

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Michael Harvey Professorial Lecturer CAS - Performing Arts

Mike Harvey is a highly respected music recorder, mixer, and producer with over 25 years of music industry experience. He has taught in the Audio Technology Program at AU since the fall of 2007. He ha

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Paul Oehlers Associate Professor CAS - Performing Arts

Paul A. Oehlers is most recognized for his "extraordinarily evocative" (Variety) film scores. Films incorporating his music have screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, the Philadelphia Fe

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Rogerio Weis Naressi Instructor CAS - Performing Arts

Rogério Weis Naressi is a Brazilian musician, audio engineer, producer and educator. He holds a BM in Sound Production from Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brazil) and an MA in Audio Technology from A

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Adjunct Faculty

Wyatt Eddy Computer & Audio Services Coordinator CAS - Dean's Office

Freelance Audio Engineer in the Washington DC area. Loves working on music productions, from Writing to Recording to Mixing. Adjunct ATEC Professor. Full Time Audio Visual Technician.

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Quran Karriem Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Quran Karriem is an American composer, designer and entrepreneur. He teaches digital synthesis courses at AU using the Pure Data and SuperCollider programming environments. His primary artistic intere

Andros Rodriguez Adjunct Instructor

Andros Rodriguez is a multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer, engineer, and mixer. His diverse and eclectic catalog of clients include Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Florence and the Ma

Matthew Twiford Adjunct Instructor

Matthew Twiford currently teaches Sound Studio Techniques 1 in the Audio Technology undergraduate program. He is also Full-Time faculty at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,VA in the Sound Recording