Joel D'Orazio: Pull Up a Chair November 5 through December 15, 2013

Garden, D'Orazio

Joel D'Orazio
Garden Chair

Bridesmaid, D'Orazio

Joel D'Orazio
Green Bridesmaid Chair

LouisXIV, D'Orazio

Joel D'Orazio
Louis XIV

Exhibition Overview

Joel D’Orazio began his career as an architect more than 25 years ago, but recently shifted to art, painting on panels and creating mixed media works, sculpture, and digital art using found and donated objects. This exhibition focuses on D’Orazio’s chairs, objects subverted from their original form and function. D’Orazio says: “I incorporate new synthetic materials such as cables, tubes, and strings into the design of modern (and often iconic) chairs. My instinct leads me to stay with their original shape but wrap them in a taut, expressive, and textured skin of various materials to create a new volumetric piece.”