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Free and open to the public, the AU Museum hosts rotating exhibitions of contemporary art from around the globe and the Alper Initiative, a dedicated research and display space for the art history of Washington, DC.

AU Museum

Located on American University’s main campus at the Katzen Arts Center.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00AM-4:00PM. Closed Monday. Admission is free.

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Special Events

November 8
Members' Preview: Michal Heiman
November 9
Late Fall Exhibitions Open
November 9
Gallery Talk: fair is foul & foul is fair
November 9
Late Fall Opening Reception
November 16
Gallery Talk: Dark World
November 17
JRA Distinguished Artist Series: Rebecca Hutchinson
November 22-23
Gallery: Senior Dance Capstone
December 5
Free Parking: Christine Neill
December 11
Citizen Lane Film Screening
December 14
ARCADIA Closing Party

Fall Exhibitions On view now

Mel Watkin, Cross-Section: Hophornbeam, 2019.

Topographies of Life: Pam Rogers, Lynn Sures, Mel Watkin
Presented by the AU Museum Project Space

Using the medium of drawing to varied and distinctive effect, Rogers, Sures, and Watkin trace human connections to the natural world—across time and varied landscapes. The three artists work from both a consciousness of drawing’s ties to illustration and evidence; and, the medium’s unique ability to transmit the artist’s “hand” and personal response to their subject. From the deserts of Kenya, forests of the Midwest, to the Potomac watershed, these artists are deeply attuned to the mutually affecting relationship between the anthropological and natural worlds.

Learn more about: Topographies of Life: Pam Rogers, Lynn Sures, Mel Watkin

Bernis Von Zur Muehlen, Teri, 1982.

Moves Like Walter: New Curators Open the Corcoran Legacy Collection

Moves like Walter: New Curators Open the Corcoran Legacy Collection is a product of Director and Curator Jack Rasmussen’s spring course on curatorial practice. Upon receipt of the Corcoran Collection, graduate students in art history, arts management, and studio art have curated a playful and provocative interpretation of the 9,000-piece gift. The exhibition is inspired by Walter Hopps, briefly the Director of the Corcoran and an erratic but seminal American curator of contemporary art. The curators have divided their responses into five sub-groups, Boundless: Existing Within Ambiguous SpaceThe Road HomeThe Selfless Spirit: Nature vs. Nurture and the Effects of Motherhood in the Corcoran CollectionAmerican Legacy: Reconsidering Non-Western Subjects in the Corcoran Collection, and Redefining the Gaze: Shifting the Power.

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