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Free and open to the public, the AU Museum hosts rotating exhibitions of contemporary art from around the globe and the Alper Initiative, a dedicated research and display space for the art history of Washington, DC.

AU Museum

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00-4:00. Admission is free.
Located on American University’s main campus at the Katzen Arts Center.

Fall Special Events

October 25
Artery Collection Gallery Talk
November 9
Members' Preview
November 10
Tribe Gallery Talk
November 10
Late Fall Opening Reception 
November 17
Sine Nomine with the Experiential Orchestra
November 18
November 29
Free Parking: Ian Jehle
December 9
JRA Distinguished Artist Lecture with Bennett Bean

Fall Exhibitions On view through December 16

Statue of a man

Jim Sanborn—Without Provenance:
the making of contemporary antiquity

In Without Provenance, Jim Sanborn has given us all a rare gift of artistic provocation. Certainly there is an abundance of beauty in this exhibition, but it is beauty that provokes thought and reflection. The takeaway from this extraordinary show is a vision for an art collecting world very different from our own.

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Contemporary sculptural installation with vertical cedar trees and red vine-like metal sculptures hanging from the walls

Finding a path—Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak: A Conversation

Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak have much in common as artists, yet they have never shown their works together. Brzezinski’s massive, rough-hewn wood sculptures embody the vital energy of trees as archetypes of being. Luttwak’s brilliantly colored metal creations are inspired by another essential aspect of universal growth and decay in nature—plant roots. This site–specific installation is a conversation on their approaches to nature as a means of understanding one’s path through the world, and life itself.

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Abstract painting

Selections from the Artery Collection

The Artery Organization Collection was conceived as a corporate collection in the early 1980s to support Washington-area artists and enhance the real estate offices of the company in Artery Plaza, the first large building in Bethesda. CEO Henry H. Goldberg and his wife, artist Carol Brown Goldberg, worked with curators and galleries to ensure the broadest possible outreach and diversification of artistic styles. The energy reflected in the variety of art chosen over two plus decades captures the spirit and inspiration of the Washington art world of the 1970s and 1980s and reflects the cooperation of artists, dealers, and collectors. The Artery Collection is the largest private assemblage of Washington-area artists.

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