TSIBI GEVA: PAINTINGS November 5 through December 15, 2013

Curated by Barry Schwabsky and sponsored by the Schir Foundation.

Geva, Black Raven

Tsibi Geva
Black Raven
Acrylic on canvas (diptych)
Private collection

Untitled, Geva

Tsibi Geva
Acrylic and oil on canvas (diptych)

Exhibition Overview

Tsibi Geva has had numerous one-person shows in various institutions, including the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Haifa Museum of Art; the ICA, Boston; and Espacio Aglutinador, Havana, Cuba. Critic Nuit Banai writes: “Since the early 1980s, Tsibi Geva has been interrogating the paradox-riven myths and national symbols that construct Israeli identity in an aesthetic language whose fidelity to abstraction is persistently problematized.”