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MYND ALIVE: BK Adams . I AM ART April 1 through August 17, 2014

BK Adams, In Proces

BK Adams . I AM ART, In Process, 2010.
Photograph courtesy of Jim Darling.

Exhibition Overview

This self-taught artist from Washington, D.C. is anything but ordinary. What sets BK ADAMS. I AM ART apart is his ability to embody his work physically, mentally and emotionally. His outward appearance has been described as a walking canvas. He is immediately recognizable by his paint-splattered garments and an assorted collection of glasses and goggles. His personality is exuberant and gravitating, much like his work. The artist considers himself a Thinker, first. His large scale urban sculptures help tell this story in the outdoor sculpture garden this season.

Artist's Statement

i climb.
Taking a vigorous stride studying points of various businesses from my early teen years to adulthood.
Now I know that those experiences were just another canvas.
As seasons changed, in time I followed discovering obvious patterns, comforts and relaxing points of interest…
I live a life of Art.
I see things in a gifted way.
Fascinated with hiding my words that spell out dreams in a bed of colors trapped on a cotton canvas or joined by heat in the form of a weld;
capturing that frame of thought. Now, a new one begins.
I live, I breathe, I create as a full time Thinker
My profession is; "Artist of Now."
I am a Son, Brother, Husband, Dad and Friend.
I have good days and challenging ones too.
I genuinely love life.
I breathe the freshest of air knowing my life is defined by art.
I have no desire to do anything else as a profession, "I accept"
I am blessed to know that at my age and I am free to be free.
I am glad, proud and honored to be on the path to finding myself in every piece of art I have created.

as I grow…