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Hung Liu: Daughter of China, Resident Alien September 6 through October 23, 2016

Resident Alien by Hung Liu

Hung Liu, Resident Alien, 1988.
Oil on canvas, 60 x 90 in.
Collection of San Jose Museum of Art. 


Twelve Hairpins of Jinling by Hung Liu

Hung Liu, Twelve Hairpins of Jinling, 2011.
Oil on canvas, 80 x 120 in.
Courtesy of the artist.


Jui Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain) by Hung Liu

Hung Liu, Jui Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain), 1994 (installation photo).
200,000 fortune cookies, train tracks, oil paintings.
Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Description

Timed to coincide with the quadrennial frenzy of the national presidential election, Liu's exhibition reflects upon two themes-refugees and heroines-that, while politically topical, are also deeply woven into her experience as a Chinese émigré, as an American citizen, and as a woman. Liu's painting style is rooted in Socialist Realism which she learned in China in the 1970s prior to coming to America in the mid-80s, where she has since created a stripped down Socialist Realism, removing the propaganda and creating a catalog of her history.


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