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Performing the Border June 17 - August 13, 2017

Black and white photo of a man suspended upside-down by a chain on his waist using only his hands to hold a woman who leans back parallel to the ground. They are in a grassy field. A streetlight glows in the right upper corner.

Street Light Circus.

Photo of a young girl in a bright pink shirt and striped leggings standing in the sunshine astride a curb in front of some recycling bins and a brick building. She holds a pink purse and a pair of red scissors.

Susana Raab, Zaniya, Simple City.

Exhibition Overview

The Alper Initiative for Washington Art presents a group exhibition curated by Megan Rook-Koepsel, Performing the Border. The borders that separate people and things are constantly changing, and quite often completely arbitrary, yet the importance placed on them would seem to suggest otherwise. Featuring Washington artists Clay Dunklin, Amy Lin, Susana Raab, Jenny Wu, and Street Light Circus, Performing the Border explores the concept of borders and boundaries, both the ways we perform within them, and the way the border is often itself a performance.


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