Frank DiPerna  Retrospective January 27 — March 11, 2018

Barrier, Florence, Italy, by Frank DiPerna

Frank DiPerna, Barrier, Florence, Italy, 2008. Archival inkjet print, 14” x 21.” Courtesy of the artist.

Sponsored by:
Alper Initiative for Washington Art

Frank DiPerna Retrospective is a comprehensive survey of the artist's photographic work over more than forty years. Comprised of multiple bodies of work beginning in 1974 continuing through today; each project was accomplished through using the most advanced technology of the time-from black and white to color film to the classic Polaroid SX-70 to the possibility of digital color photography. The flow of work, from series to series over decades, reveals a careful eye recording and at times choreographing a changing yet consistent world transcending both time and place. Organized by Jayme McLellan.