Kumo: Miya Ando April 3 - May 27, 2018

Ando, Yoak. 2018.

Miya Ando, Yoake (Dawn), 2018. Courtesy of Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

Curated by Aria Gannon

Miya Ando's artwork ranges from monochrome to subtle color palates, offering a glimpse of the immense calming energy of the infinite. Ando creates an immersive work that engages the viewers, bringing nature to mind, reminding the viewers of their own connection to, and place within, nature and nature's cycles. Her works bring attention to the fragility, the deep power and the uncompromising force of nature via experiential art installations which create environments of reflection and wonder. Distinctive in her highly adept presentation of subtle realities, Ando's work has given her an international reputation as one of the most innovative working artists.