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Forward Press 21st Century Printmaking

April 6-August 11, 2019
Curated by Susan J. Goldman
Presented by the Printmaking Legacy Project®

A printed artwork with cut out areas hanging from the ceiling

Sangmi Yoo, Stereotyped Ordinary, 2017. Hand-cut pigment inkjet prints, 60 x 44 x 72 in. Courtesy of the Artist.

Woodblock print of people in a nightlife setting

Steve A. Prince, Communal Resurrection: Song for Aya (detail), 2017. Woodcut, 4 x 40 ft. Courtesy of the Artist.

A winged creature surrounded by cacti

Dennis McNett, Back in Five section of an installation at Long Beach Museum, 2018. Paper mache, screen printed paper and cloth. Courtesy of the Artist.

Two people in drag standing next to each other in front of a barn

Richard Peterson, Drag Queens series, 2018. iPad drawing. Courtesy of the Artist.

Tom Hück's woodcut "Fish Hookin’ – Here comes Mister Fishy"

Tom Hück, Electric Baloneyland.

Get on Board the Star Spangled Shit-Show, 2017. Chiaroscuro woodcut, 86 x 28 in.
Fish Hookin’ – Here comes Mister Fishy, 2017. Chiaroscuro woodcut, 86 x 52 in.       
Assasi-Nation Station
, 2017. Chiaroscuro woodcut, 86 x 28 in. All courtesy of the artist.

April Flanders' papercut artwork "FILTER"

April Flanders, Filter, 2019. Monotype, 6 x 27 x 3 ft. Monotype, relief, and laser cut. Courtesy of the Artist.

Carrie Lingscheit's etching "Anointed"

Carrie Lingscheit, Anointed, 2014. Intaglio (etching, aquatint, spit bite), 8 x 12 in. Courtesy of the Artist.

Beauvais Lyons's lithograph "Splendorium"

Beauvais Lyons, Splendorium, c. 1911. Six-color lithograph, 22 x 30 in. Courtesy of the Artist.

Michael Menchaca's screenprint "ANTHROPOS"

Michael Menchaca, MEGAFAUNA I, 2012. Screenprint (Diptych), 19 x 50 in. Courtesy of the Artist.

Nicole Pietrantoni's digital print "Implications"

Nicole Pietrantoni, Implications, 2019. Inkjet on Japanese paper, bound into 30 accordion books, text written by Devon Wootten, 9 x 33 ft. Courtesy of the Artist.

Printmaking Legacy Project

Presented by the Printmaking Legacy Project®

Printmaking Legacy Project’s® first national print exhibition, Forward Press: 21st Century Printmaking features ten innovative print artists from across the country who employ the finest examples of hand printed and digital techniques. They explore themes of culture, identity, religion, environment, memory, and art history. Some work in traditional forms, like lithography, intaglio, relief, and screen printing, while others explore these methods as the basis for large-scale sculpture, collage, and integrating technology into printmaking. These ten artists are changing the way American printmaking is seen and understood.


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Featuring Artists

April Flanders, Tom Hück, Carrie Lingscheit, Beauvais Lyons, Dennis McNett, Michael Menchaca, Richard Peterson, Nicole Pietrantoni, Steve Prince, and Sangmi Yoo.