Neuroscience Department Office

Anthony Riley Professor and Department Chair, Neuroscience CAS | Neuroscience

Dr. Riley received his undergraduate training at the University of North Carolina and obtained his PhD from the University of Washington. He did a post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacology at Dalhousie

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Neuroscience Faculty

Laurie Bayet Asst Professor CAS - Neuroscience

Dr. Bayet is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist interested in infant cognitive development and high-level vision. Her lab combines electro-encephalography (EEG), behavioral methods, and computat

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Terry Davidson Trone Family Eminent Scholar Chair in Neuroscience and Behavior CAS - Neuroscience

Dr. Davidson earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Michigan State University and earned his PhD with a specialization in Learning and Memory at Purdue University before completing his post-

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Katie Holton Provost Associate Professor CAS | Health Studies

Dr. Kathleen Holton is a nutritional neuroscientist, co-appointed in the Departments of Health Studies and Neuroscience, whose research examines the negative effects of dietary excitotoxins on neurolo

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Mark Laubach Professor CAS | Neuroscience

I am a neurobiologist interested in goal-directed behavior. My laboratory is focused on the roles of the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia in executive control and decision making. Core methods incl

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Colin Saldanha Professor CAS | Neuroscience

Hormones are profound modulators of brain structure and function; with influences that span the lifetime of an organism. The muti-faceted and pluripotent neural effects of steroids require that a spec

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Catherine Stoodley Provost Assoc Professor CAS - Neuroscience

Catherine Stoodley is interested in the neuroscience of cognitive development, particularly the role of the human cerebellum in cognition, cognitive development and in neurodevelopmental disorders. Sh

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