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Family, Work, Community, and Culture Research Group

The FWCC Research Group is primarily focused on the study of working families of Latin American descent using quantitative and qualitative research methods. We are interested in women's physical and mental health, parenting behaviors, marital and parent-child relationships, and child and adolescent development. In our research, we examine the interface of work and family systems to identify the factors that lead to stress spillover, and work-family conflict or enhancement/enrichment. The research we are doing brings attention to cultural aspects embedded in the issues we study. Our goal is to inform interventions and policies to support working families of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Current and developing projects include the following:

  • Women's work-family spillover: Occupational, cultural, and socioeconomic, considerations
  • Maternal work, parental investments, and youth community engagement in Latino/a families
  • Daily life experiences and well-being of Latina immigrant workers
  • Stress, coping, and social support among women of African and Latin American descent

Group Director

Dr. Noemi Enchautegui de Jesus

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