Honors Program Requirements

  1. An advanced research methods course (PSYC-433 or PSYC-480) with a B- or better. 
  2. One 500 level course with a grade of C or better.  Independent Reading does not count. 
  3. One Honors Colloquium or an interdisciplinary Science Honors Course with a grade of C or better or a standing course which is designated as an honors course by the psychology department. The following courses will be accepted as Honors Courses:
    • For Fall 2018
      PSYC 497.001 (meets with 696.001) Developmental Neuroscience--Catherine Stoodley
    • For Spring 2019
      PSYC 497.001 Stress and Coping -- Kathleen Gunthert
      PSYC 497.002 Abnormal Child Psychology -- Nicole Caporino
  4. An Honors Capstone Independent Research Study supervised by a full time faculty member and approved by the director of the undergraduate program. The student should take PSYC 498 for three credits.  This research study cannot be the same study developed in a research course.  It can, however, be a substantial expansion of that study.  
  5. Typically students apply to the program in their sophomore year. Exceptions can be made for a start in the junior year (e.g. transfer students). 
  6. After consulting with a chosen capstone advisor, applicants should write a two page summary of their proposed study which will be reviewed by the director of the undergraduate program and the UCC. 
  7. To enter the Honors Program, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.50 at the time of application to the program.  To continue in the Honors Program beyond Junior year, the student must have at least a 3.67 GPA at the end of Junior year. 
  8. Students can be in both the university and the departmental honors program.
  9. $300 per honors student is available to reimburse students for research experiences. Save the receipts. 

Contact Dr. James Gray at 202-885-1716 or jgray@american.edu for details.