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Student Spotlight

Ghislaine Kadouno is currently an MA TESOL student. She intends to graduate this upcoming Fall (2019).



Ghislaine Kadouno MA TESOL

Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I am Ghislaine Kadouno, a French immersion elementary school teacher at a Montgomery County Public School. I am also a full-time mother, wife, and graduate student! My family is from West Africa, Sénégal and Guinée Conakry. However, I was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire. As the oldest of 3 children, my parents decided to the send me to the US so I could attend college after obtaining my high school diploma. Although teaching has become my life and passion over the last 5 years, I am also a foodie who enjoys traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people.

When did you first become interested in TESOL?

I became interested in education and teaching English as a Second Language in 2008-2009. During this time, my youngest brother and sister joined me in the States to continue their education. As the oldest child and the only one speaking fluent English at this time, I was in charge of registering them in school, helping them with their homework and more. I found myself doing a lot of life skill teaching for my siblings and realized that I could and had what it takes to be a teacher. So I enrolled in college to obtain my teaching certificate. After my bachelors' degree, I decided to move to California and start my career as an elementary school teacher. However, I quickly found out that I was required to have an ESOL certificate or degree to teach there. This little bump on the road pushed me to go for a Masters in TESOL. 

Did you have any teaching experience before you enrolled in the TESOL program?

Before enrolling in the AU TESOL program I worked as a French Immersion Elementary school teacher at a Prince George and Montgomery County Public Schools. I taught reading, math, science, and social studies in French. I also worked as a nanny and a tutor for multiple families in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area.

In your opinion, what are some qualities which make a good teacher?

The three must-have qualities that come to my mind are flexibility, determination, and self-care. I stated flexibility because every day brings its own challenges and level of frustration. It is crucial for educators to calmly adapt to positive and negative changes that may arise during the day. A teacher should also be determined to help students reach their individual learning goals. Through determination, a teacher will go above and beyond to find appropriate materials and create outstanding lesson plans. Finally, I believe that teachers must learn how to unplug once in a while and take care of themselves. I think that relaxed, well-rested and mentally restored teachers can create miracles.

What do you plan to do after you complete the TESOL program?

After I complete the TESOL program, I plan to sleep, eat and watch a lot of Netflix for the first 2 to 4 months after graduation. Then, I would like to start teaching English as a Second Language at local community colleges and gain more experience in the field. If things go well, I may move to California as I first planned. But let’s see where the universe leads me!

Ghislaine Kadouno