Pronunciation Workshop 2020

Spring 2020 Workshop

Call 'Em as You 'Ear 'Em

February 22, 2020
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Bentley Lounge (Gray Hall, 130)
American University

Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Workshop Description

What's the first sound in unicorn ? In apple ? [Hint: they aren't vowels!] How many syllables are there in feel or file?  Do you think that flour and flower sound alike? How about cot and caught? Writer and rider? Dr. Robin Barr, AU's Linguist-in-Residence, will show you how to detect invisible consonants and missing vowels, and help you become more aware of the way you actually speak, as opposed to what you think you're saying. Brush up on your phonetic transcription and features, and learn how to use phonetics as a tool for sharpening your ears and teaching your students more accurately. Then hang on tight as Dr. Barr takes you on a journey beyond vowels and consonants into syllables, rhythm, intonation, stress, linking, and even The Brain!  Learn the suprasegmental tricks with rubber bands, kazoos, and songs that you can use to help your students become more comprehensible, even if they still have trouble distinguishing ship and sheep, or rake and lake.  The workshop features entertaining, low-cost activities that you can use right away in your next class.

Workshop Leader Dr. Robin Barr

Dr. Barr

Dr. Robin Barr holds a PhD in Linguistics from Harvard with concentrations in both Indo-European and psycholinguistics. Her research on morphology involves the relationship between language learning and language change, and she is always happy to hear of new irregular verbs or refinements for wug-tests. Her daughter has been one of her favorite informants, and students are likely to encounter data from her on their problem sets. Prof. Barr is also an avid amateur oboist.


If you need a sign language interpreter, you will be able to request one when purchasing your ticket.

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