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From left to right: Karen Baehler (Vice Chair), Elizabeth Worden (Chair), and Andrea Pearson (Past chair)

Summary of Faculty Senate Meeting, September 12, 2018

Professor Pat Aufderheide updated the Senate about the University Strategic Plan. She noted that the first set of reports from the original Strategic Plan subcommittees had elicited a wide range of comments and expressed gratitude to those who took the time to comment. Phase 2 has now begun, and it centers around “work streams” rather than the original subcommittee structure, with various people being consulted. The strategic plan will be a major focus of the upcoming faculty/staff retreat.  

CFO, Vice President and Treasurer Doug Kudravetz kicked off a new 2-year budget planning cycle with a presentation on the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, including projections associated with future student numbers, student characteristics, financial challenges facing students’ families, and public attitudes toward higher ed. He presented key indicators of AU’s financial health and the challenges ahead on both the revenue and expenditure sides of the ledger. This presentation is being made to units across campus.

The Senate approved the May 2, 2018 minutes. In her report, Senate Chair Elizabeth Worden solicited participation by senators in the HR Department’s important initiative to review family leave policies at the university level. She also asked senators to think about other faculty-led initiatives that the Senate might want to take up. Professor Worden updated the Senate on the status of the revised SETs, which will be piloted in a larger sample this semester. Re enforcement of Undergrad Regulation 12.1.3 (see previous meeting summary): The Office of the University Registrar announced that faculty members will have access to the names of students on their course waiting lists by the Spring 2019 semester.

Provost Mary Clark and DAA Lisa Leff updated the Senate regarding the Provost search process, which is on track; planning for the faculty/staff retreat October, which will focus on the strategic plan; the upcoming reception for newly tenured and promoted faculty, which will include term faculty for the first time this year; and multiple DAA initiatives on diversity and inclusion.

The CFA chair Max Friedman invited all faculty to an open meeting of the CFA on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 12 noon in McDowell Formal Lounge, and updated the Senate on unit-level processes for updating term faculty guidelines to comply with the revised Faculty Manual. The CFA, in partnership with the TFA, is preparing to review the sections of those guidelines focused on reappointment and promotion. Units will be submitting their revisions over the next several weeks, and CFA aims to complete their reviews by the end of the year. The Provost’s office also will review.