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From left to right: Karen Baehler (Vice Chair), Elizabeth Worden (Chair), and Andrea Pearson (Past chair)

Summary of Faculty Senate Meeting, November 7, 2018

Senate Chair Elizabeth Worden presented her report, which included approval of the October minutes, approval of the final undergraduate regulations (5.2 and 5.3), and a recommendation from the Executive Committee for the Senate to focus its attention on implementation of the strategic plan rather than responding formally to the final version of the plan.

Interim Provost Mary Clark reported that 350 faculty and staff participated in the October faculty-staff retreat in Cambridge, Maryland. Preliminary results from the post-retreat survey indicated satisfaction with the break-out sessions and the opportunities to meet new people and connect with familiar colleagues. Just under 60 percent of survey respondents expected the input from the retreat to affect the strategic planning process. At Provost Clark’s request, senators shared their feedback on the retreat and engaged in a discussion about whether to pursue a similar or different retreat model in future years.  

Assistant Professor Gemma Puglisi (SOC) and Marcy Campos (director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service) presented on community-based learning at AU, including the types of activities undertaken and the significant contribution of these initiatives to student retention.

Assistant Provost of Institutional Research and Assessment Karen Froslid-Jones reported on the 2018 results of the National Survey of Student Engagement. As in the past, AU scored above the mean in several important areas, but below the mean for supportiveness of the campus environment. Senators discussed the possible drivers behind the results with Assistant Provost Froslid-Jones, who invited the Senate to think about how it might partner with her office to respond to this data.

The Senate considered a proposal from the Committee on Faculty Actions (CFA) to add two at-large term faculty members at the rank of term associate professor or above to the committee. Following a constructive discussion, the issue was tabled until the December meeting.

The Senate then considered a proposed resolution to support a tuition increase combined with indexing of financial aid. Following a constructive discussion and helpful information from Brian Lee Sang, Assistant Vice Provost of Financial Aid, the issue was tabled until the December meeting.