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AU at Airlie

Given as a gift by the Airlie Foundation in 2016, AU's goal is to incorporate our academic and sustainability initiatives with Airlie’s legacy


The Airlie Center is a spectacular property set on more than 300 acres in Warrenton, VA, and contains the historic Airlie House and a village of guest rooms and meeting facilities. For more than half a century, Airlie has welcomed global leaders, heads of state, and diplomats, who have convened there for conferences and programs dedicated to social progress, education, environmental research, and public health. Most notable among the myriad ideas to emerge from Airlie was the concept of Earth Day in 1969, which now has become an annual international tradition.

Given as a gift by the Airlie Foundation in 2016, American University was entrusted with the stewardship of this special property. The university’s long-term goal is to carry on Airlie’s legacy and use the facility to its maximum advantage for AU’s academic and sustainability initiatives.

For more information about the Airlie facilities, its academic and sustainable uses, as well as other current and possible future uses, contact