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Campus Construction Information and Updates

Winter Break 2023 Construction and Maintenance

As part of our ongoing support of campus facilities, the electricity, heat, and water on both Main and East campus will be turned off on December 27 and 28, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day to address immediate needs in our electrical systems. The work will occur in conjunction with major repairs that PEPCO, our electricity provider, will conduct during this time. Facilities Management will work with the departments affected directly by this outage. The affected buildings will be preheated the night before the outage and all services will be restored both evenings when work is completed for the day. During the outage, there will only be emergency power to the buildings for emergency egress lighting. All fire and life safety systems will be active.  

Off-campus buildings will not be affected. 

Additionally, the following areas will undergo maintenance and construction work:

  • Bender Library Building Façade – Scaffolding will be installed and minor drilling work will take place during regular business hours. 

  • Katzen Museum Façade – Scaffolding will be installed and minor drilling work will take place during regular business hours.
  • Sports Center Garage – Surface sealant replacement work will take place, resulting in minor noise and rolling partial closures.  
  • Sports Center Tunnel – Partial road closures will be in effect as overhead work will be underway resulting in minor drilling noise during regular business hours.
Current Construction Projects
Dates Location Description Category
Aug 15 – Oct 15 Jacobs Sound Wall Construction of a sound attenuation barrier between Jacobs Field and the adjacent neighborhood.  New Construction Projects
Completed Panera Construction of new Panera café in the Mary Graydon Center in the spaces occupied previously by Einstein Bros. Bagels and Paper Lantern. New Construction Projects
Completed Leonard Hall Renovation of the residence hall and hardscape immediately surrounding the building. The roadways adjacent to the building will be impacted by transport vehicles for material removal and delivery. Major Repairs/Renovations
Completed Tunnel Construction of new Qdoba in the vacant retail space between UPS Store and Subway, and full renovation of Starbucks and Subway. At times, the sidewalks and roadways adjacent to these spaces will be busy with material delivery and contractor personnel. Egress and access will be maintained. Major Repairs/Renovations
Completed Mary Graydon Center Replacement of first-floor ceiling tile and lighting. Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed McDowell Hall Replacement of the building’s main sanitary line, including excavation at the rear of the building, will require use of the roadway between Leonard and McDowell for debris removal and delivery trucks.  Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Glover Gate Paving Replacement of roadway and sidewalks from the main entry to the flagpole area in front of Battelle-Tompkins will also impact the roadway and sidewalks leading past the POB entrance to the curb just before the main entry to McDowell Hall.  Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Bender Library Replacement of rain leaders inside the library, including removal and replacement of some portions of ceilings and walls for access. Façade repairs also will take place around the building which may impede some pathways around the building temporarily. Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Summer Painting  Repainting of roughly one quarter of the residence hall rooms and common areas. This effort will be run in coordination with Housing and UCGS. Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Kreeger, Watkins, and East Quad Building  Roof replacement will take place, which may partially impact some areas directly around each building. These projects will occur sequentially, Kreeger (May), Watkins (May), EQB (June) Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Eagle’s Nest (vacated former location)  Renovation work to convert space for use as new location for Campus Store. Campus Store will be relocated from the third floor of Butler Pavilion by August.  Other Repairs/Renovation
Aug – Dec Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) Renovation work to convert space for use as new location for consolidated ASAC services. Work is expected to begin in August.  Other Repairs/Renovation
Completed Campus Store Move of the Campus Store from the third floor of Butler Pavilion to the Tunnel in the location previously occupied by Eagle’s Nest is expected to take place by end of July. Major Departmental Moves


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