Lockout / Tagout

A tag locked onto some equipment with the words, "Danger, Do Not Operate. This lock may only be removed by" and then a faded out signature

Energy Control

American University is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for its entire staff. In pursuit of this endeavor, a Lockout/Tagout Program has been developed to establish a safe operating procedure for employees and contractors performing service on energized equipment.

The energy control (Lockout/Tagout) program covers all servicing, maintenance, repair, modification, replacement, cleaning, or inspection of machines, equipment, and processes where the unexpected energizing or start-up of machines, equipment, processes, or the release of stored energy represents a hazard to the individual performing the service. This program establishes the requirements for isolation of kinetic, potential, electrical, chemical, thermal, hydraulic, and pneumatic energy prior to equipment repair, adjustment or removal.

For more information, please contact: 

Fabiola Fernandez
Assistant Director
Environmental Health and Safety 
Phone: 202-885-2541
Email: ffernandez@american.edu