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FAQ (Parents/Students)

If your mailbox is broken, or if you have lost your key, please contact the front desk staff at your residence hall immediately. Maintenance of the mailboxes is not the responsibility of Mail Services.

Mail Services’ method for delivery is based on address, not the specific individual who lives currently at that address. Therefore, you may receive some pieces of mail that do not belong to you or your roommate. These are misdirected pieces of mail and mostly likely belong to a previous resident of your room.

Mail Service delivers all correctly addressed mail received from the USPS the same business day it is received

Since all packages end up at the package room at the individual resident halls, you should contact the hall first. If you have a specific concern about a package sent by the USPS with a tracking number, please contact Mail Services at extension 2552. Mail Services will be able to track the package for you.

If this letter was not sent as accountable mail, we suggest that you contact their local USPS office.

This change will be made automatically by Housing. However, Mail Services will deliver to the address that is on the envelope or package at first attempt. Therefore, we suggest that you notify senders as soon as possible of your room change to avoid delay with your mail.

The University UPS Store located in the tunnel is able to take care of most of the services that the USPS supplies. The closest USPS location to campus is Friendship Station at 4005 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington DC 20016.

Please place misdirected pieces of mail into the misdirected mail slot next to the mailboxes in each hall. A Mail Services representative then will forward misdirected mail to the proper address.