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Memorandum December 5, 2018

American University Community
David Osborne, Director of Energy and Engineerin
Winter Holiday Energy Curtailment

I am pleased to remind you that each year, as part of the American University's campus-wide commitment to the environment, we make a collective effort to reduce our water and energy consumption during the winter break. For this effort to be successful, we all need to do our part.

Understanding that it is a very busy time of year academically as well as with the many activities and festivities associated with the holiday season, I would like to remind you of the efforts underway already by Facilities Management, as well as ways you can help.

Facilities Management has a number of energy-saving efforts underway including: 

  • A building-by-building assessment of the various HVAC and lighting systems, energy-curtailment opportunities, and operational challenges associated with the holiday closing of each facility. 
  • During the campus closing (Saturday, Dec. 22 – Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019), target temperature in building spaces will be set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures will be set back to normal after the holiday break. 

Facilities Management asks that you follow the tips below to help in the campus conservation effort:

  • Ensure that all sink, shower, or other water faucets are turned off. Domestic hot water temperatures will be set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Report any leaks to 2FIX (x2439).
  • Switch off all non-critical lighting (critical lighting = life safety, security, etc.).
  • Disconnect all non-critical electrical equipment, appliances, and unnecessary plug loads from receptacles. NOTE: Refrigerators will remain as found, whether plugged or unplugged (we recommend that you clean, defrost, dry-out, and unplug them). Unauthorized space heaters that are plugged in may be confiscated.
  • Close all exterior doors, windows, and openings securely. External fresh air will be minimized and heating water/steam generation will be reduced by engineering staff per protocols.
  • Reduce space temperatures in all unoccupied buildings and building areas to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and as low as 50 degrees, wherever possible. This can be done manually by lowering the local thermostats or other heating/ventilation device controls. Facilities Management will deploy automated overrides to control the large mechanical room equipment similarly. 
  • Set fans (e.g., fan coil units in building lobbies and under residence windows) to low speed modes where possible. 

We thank you in advance, noting that we continue to enjoy high levels of participation and success with the holiday season’s energy curtailment effort. Our mutual commitment to the reduction of energy use and carbon emissions demonstrates the collective leadership that makes the AU community unique. 

Be sure to share this information with your staff and direct any questions you may have to 2Fix to ensure that we provide you with a timely and well-coordinated response.