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Payment Methods

The Payroll Office offers employees multiple payment options to ensure employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner. As part of the 2012 Sustainability Initiative, the Payroll Office recommends all employees sign up for direct deposit, and will only issue checks in limited quantities.

You can select your payment method through the Eagle Service Pay Selection form (Requires Login). Direct deposit information can be submitted through the Eagle Service Banking Information page (Requires Login).

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Get in contact with a Payroll Specialist by email or by calling (202) 885-3520.

Email Payroll

Available Options

Coins and bills of currency

Direct Deposit

Have your payment credited directly to your domestic bank account. 

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TotalPay Card

Have your payment deposited onto a Visa debit card issued by a private vendor.

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Paper Checks

Learn more about paper checks, including distribution procedures and sustainability initiatives.

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