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Limits for Bids and Quotes

Bids should be solicited whenever the items can be purchased from multiple sources to promote competitive bidding. Quotations, either verbal or written, are recommended for requirements totaling up to $9,999.99 in value. A minimum of three written quotations are required when requests' totals are equal to, or greater than, $10,000.00. Those items considered sole/ single source or proprietary must be properly justified and confirmed by the Procurement and Contracts Department to waive the competitive requirement. Quotations for requirements equal to, or greater than, $10,000.00 must be in written form. All pricing and other information furnished by the vendor during the competitive bidding process must remain confidential.

Prior to soliciting competitive bids, the requestor should check the Procurements and Contract Department (PCD) Preferred Supplier list to determine if the required product or service is available from an existing vendor supplier. The benefit of using an existing preferred supplier is that the competitive bidding process to secure the least total cost has already been completed by PCD Services. The University's competitive bidding requirement is waived when a purchase with an aggregate value of $10,000 or more is made from a contract supplier. The competitive bidding requirement is also waived for any purchase made from Corporate Express, the University's office supplies and stationery vendor.

When requesting formal quotations from potential suppliers, the PCD is required to secure terms and conditions that are favorable to the University and their department, rather than accept what is in the best interest of the supplier. Whenever possible, the request for quotation should be submitted in writing, and not verbally, to potential suppliers to avoid any miscommunication or misinterpretation of expectations and/or specific requirements. Supplier responses must also be submitted in writing with quoted prices, terms and conditions clearly documented in the response. All formal quotations should detail the requirements both parties, the University and the supplier, have agreed upon. Please note that any "agreement" between the University and a supplier is not bound and valid until PCD has issued a valid purchase order for the goods and services or has signed off on a valid contract with favorable terms and conditions for the University to accept and comply with.