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What is Managed Risk?

  • Contracts involving a third party's use of AU's intellectual property (such as university logos, marks, artwork, symbols, or copyrighted materials)
  • Contracts involving the lease or purchase of real estate
  • Contracts requiring AU to indemnify or insure an outside party
  • Contracts involving off-campus educational programs or activities (such as international affiliation agreements, study abroad contracts, and student internships)
  • Contracts that will give any provider of goods or services access to private or confidential information (such as information protected by FERPA, HIPAA, or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
  • Contracts involving the authority to open or maintain banking accounts for the university
  • Contracts that may expose AU to other significant risk or liability

Use common sense; if something could be a problem, send it to PCD for review.