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List of Purchasing Exemptions (≥ $10k)

This List of Purchasing Exemptions does not apply to Grants and Contracts

  Type of Services Competitive Bid Exemption? (Y/N) BPO or PO exemption (Y/N)
1 Artistic services Y N
2 Academic reviews Y N
3 Lecturers or speakers whether through an agency or direct Y N
4 Staffing services for a specific employment opportunity with an AU standard contract in place Y N
5 Health services involving examination, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical consultation or administration. Prescriptive assistive devices for medical, developmental or vocational rehabilitation including, but not limited to prosthetics, orthotics, and wheelchairs, provided the devices are purchased on the basis of an established fee schedule or by a method that ensures the best price, taking into consideration the needs of the client Y N
6 Family placement services Y N
7 Education services Y N
8 Teacher/Faculty teaching or training in AU programs for students Y N
9 Advertising with a direct provider (e.g. Washington Post, not a broker) Y N
10 Continuing education events or programs that are offered to the general public for which fees have been collected to pay all expenses associated with the event or program Y N
11 Services or goods through the extension of an existing contract with option years Y N
12 Implementation, programming, or training services available from the owner of copyrighted software or its agent which AU already owns with no third party options. Y N
13 Live Animals- Livestock and poultry only Y N
14 Affiliation Agreements - Institutional memberships Y N
15 Automobile State Safety Inspections Fees Y N
16 Direct Publications Y N
17 Exhibit space, displace booth rental Y N
18 Inter/Intra department agreements (Katzen and Bender Facilities agreements) Y N
19 Reference material from publisher only Y N
20 Rental of computer equipment associated with a Hotel or conference Y N
21 Rental of video equipment associated with a Hotel or conference Y N
22 Rental of Land Y N
23 JPO judges - SPA Y N
24 Grants that specifically name a vendor and service and amount in that grant Y N
25 Exam Fees Y N
26 AU Abroad instructors and administrators for Kenya, Belgium and Spain Y N
27 Interpreters for the Deaf (Sign language interpreters) Y N
28 Membership fees and dues in professional organizations paid directly to the organization Y Y
29 Utilities (services of public utilities that cannot otherwise be competitively bid): water, sewage & charges for utility services, and local telephone service Y N
30 Legal services, including attorney, para legal, expert witness, appraisal, arbitrator or mediator services Y Y
31 Services or commodities provided by the Federal Government, the District, instrumentalities of the District, other states, local agencies, political subdivisions or entities, colleges, and universities (incl payments) Y Y
32 Postage (with backup justification) Y Y
33 Tuition, Registration and Fees for other Universities or other accredited educational providers Y Y
34 Library Subscriptions and Library Books Y Y
35 Landline phone bills N Y
36 Fuel for campus vehicles N Y
37 Cell phones Y Y
38 Insurance purchased through risk management or Student Health Organization N Y
39 Building or real property leases Y Y
40 Accreditation Fees Y Y
41 Payments to or on behalf of University officers or employees for salaries, fringe benefits, or reimbursements Y Y
42 Treasury operations Y Y
43 Employee related expenses (household moves not paid directly by AU to a moving company) Y N/A
44 Wire transfers (various services) N/A Y
45 Sponsorship for a Specific Event Y N
46 Program carriage fees or affiliation fees for quarterly payments to organization associated with public radio for whose programming cannot be purchased through other vendors Y N
47 List of names for sponsorship/fundraising events purchased by WAMU or Development & Alumni Relations (eg. Names in the News California) Y N