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Prohibited & Restricted Commodity List

Certain goods and services are prohibited by the University from being purchased and others require special approval(s) prior to being purchased. Purchases of Prohibited commodities are not allowed.

For Restricted commodities, PCD facilitates the approval process by reviewing transaction requests and routing them to the appropriate unit for approval. Special approval must be obtained from the authorizing area before purchasing Restricted commodities. After appropriate approval is received, the transaction may then be processed.

Obtaining a special approval to purchase a good or service does not exempt that transaction from the remainder of the procurement policy, including the competitive bid limit. Purchase of a Restricted commodity or service made without obtaining proper approval is considered an unauthorized purchase and will be reported to the Board of Trustees.

The list is not all inclusive and is subject to change.

This table lists various items and whether they are prohibited or restricted
Commodity Prohibited Restricted
Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverage Stores X
All Goods and Services including Managed Risk X
Amazon Prime Membership X
Ammunition, Weapons, Explosive, and Fireworks X
Cash Advances X
Consultant Service X
Drugs (controlled narcotics, dangerous, or prescription): Except for Athletics and Student Health X
Equipment Maintenance X
Equipment Rental X
Financial Institution or Payment Services (money orders, wires, PayPal, etc) X
Gambling (casino, lottery, online, etc) X
Gift Cards X
Gifts, Prizes, and Reward Payments: Refer to Gifts, Prizes and Rewards Policy for exclusions X
On-Site Labor-related Services of any kind X
Personal or Health Services X
Pets, Pet Stores, or Pet Accessories X
Radioactive or Hazardous Materials X
Recreation and Entertainment (bar, spa, pool, etc) X
Software hosted by vendor or requires PCI Compliance X
Tobacco Products, indlucing Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices X
Wage, Salary, or any Compensation for Work Performed X

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