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Campus Violence Prevention

American University considers the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff, and campus community its highest priority. To ensure an atmosphere that fosters and promotes the University's educational mission, AU is committed to maintaining a safe environment free of violence and threats of violence: on-campus, in AU work-sites, classrooms, off-site University locations, and other places where members of the community are engaged in University activities.  

American University does not tolerate, condone, nor ignore any type of campus violence committed by or against members of the University community. Faculty, staff, students, and visitors are prohibited from engaging in any violent or threatening behavior. Individuals who engage in violent or threatening behavior will be subject to discipline, expulsion from campus, and/or criminal prosecution. No person shall be retaliated against for reporting campus violence.

For actual or imminent violent or threatening behavior, immediately call University Police at: 202-885-2527

For threats of violence or threatening behavior call the following numbers:

  • For Staff: Call Employee Relations at 202-885-2607
  • For Faculty: Call the Dean of Academic Affairs at 202-885-2125
  • For Students: Call the Dean of Students at 202-885-3300
  • For Visitors: Call Public Safety at 202-885-2527