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Overview of 1098T Tax Form

Access tax forms online by following the instructions below.

Per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, American University must send the 1098T tax form to all eligible students, every year. The university is prohibited from offering any tax advice. All questions regarding Education Tax Credits must be addressed to a tax professional or the IRS at

The IRS allows universities to report either Payments Received (Box 1 on the 1098T) or Amounts Billed (Box 2 on the 1098T). Like most schools, the university elects to report the amounts billed (qualified tuition and related expenses) to the student for the tax year. No amounts will be reported in Box 1 of the 1098T.

If the student pre-registered for the current Spring semester in the Fall semester of the last calendar year, the related charges will be included in Box 2 of the 1098T form.

  • For example, if the student had pre-registered for Spring 2018 classes in the Fall 2017 semester those charges will be reflected as part of the Box 2 amount in the student's 2017 1098T.
  • Additionally, if the student had pre-registered for Spring 2017 classes in the Fall 2016 semester, those charges would not be reflected as part of the Box 2 amount in the student's 2017 1098T.

Box 2 of the 1098T includes all qualified items that were actually billed during the 2017 calendar year. Information will be reported in Boxes 2 through 10 of the 1098T only if they pertained to the student during the 2017 calendar year. Any questions regarding amounts posted in Boxes 2 through 10 on the 1098T, or request for copies of billing statements can be addressed by AU Central.

Tax Form Information

On January 31, 2018, a paper 1098T form for the calendar year 2017 will be mailed out to students who did not consent to receive the form electronically. You still may consent to receive your tax information electronically. Please note if you consent after January 30, 2018, then your form will be available to view within 5-7 business days.

Current students who consented to receive the 1098T form electronically, may access the form at the student portal, per the steps below.

  1. Login to your student portal at
  2. Under "Personalize Links" select "Finances".
  3. Click "1098-T Tax Forms" and select the 2017 1098-T.

The best browser to use to view your 1098T tax from is " Internet Explorer" or " Google Chrome". If you use "Firefox", then you need to make sure you add the PDF plugin, per the instructions below.

  1. From the "Firefox browser, select the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select "Options".
  3. Select "Applications".
  4. Scroll down to "Portable Document Format (PDF).
  5. In the dropdown tab, select "Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC".

Electronic Consent is required to view the 1098T form electronically. Please follow the steps below to consent and sign up to receive your 1098T form electronically.

  1. Login into Eagle Services.
  2. Click on the "Financial Information" link in the left hand column.
  3. Select "Tax Information."
  4. Click on the box that states you consent to receiving your 1098T electronically.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

If you would like to revoke consent at anytime.

  1. Select "Change Preferences".
  2. Select " Withhold my Consent".
  3. Click "Save".

Students no longer attending the university who require an additional copy of their 1098T form will need to send a signed written request for information and a copy of a government issued picture ID to AU Central.

  • Email -
  • Fax - (202) 885-8010
  • Mail - AU Central, Asbury 201, 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20016

To comply with IRS regulations, American University is required to collect your correct tax identifying number to file your 1098T form with the IRS.

IRS regulations requires students to provide their correct Social Security Number (SSN), or individual Taxpayer Identification (ITIN), if one is not eligible to obtain a SSN to the institution. If you fail to furnish your correct SSN or ITIN to the institution, then you are subject to a penalty of $50 unless your failure is due to reasonable causes and not to willful neglect.

If you have not provided the university with your social security (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (ITIN), then please complete the form W-9S to provide your SSN or ITIN to American University.

The form W-9S, PDF link is listed below.

IRS Form W-9S

Due to security concerns, the form W-9S cannot be submitted by email. You may return your completed and signed form to AU Central, Asbury 201, 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20016.

  • In Person - with your original SSN card and government issued picture ID.
  • By mail - with a notarized copy of your SSN card and government issued picture ID.

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