Leave for faculty and staff

Faculty leave

Faculty fall, winter, and spring breaks

Based on the academic calendar.

Sabbatical leave

After six years of full-time teaching service, tenured faculty may take one semester (100 percent pay) or an academic year (50 percent pay) of sabbatical leave. Your benefits will continue, of course.

Research leave

For significant scholarly, creative, or professional development opportunities funded by an award or other external source. We still will pay 10 percent of your salary and your benefits will continue.

Sick and safe leave

Leave to care for yourself or a family member in case of illness, preventive care, or to obtain assistance or guidance in stalking, sexual abuse, or domestic violence.

Staff leave

Annual leave

Staff accrue annual leave on a monthly basis, dependent on their years of service.

Sick and safe leave

Full-time and part-time staff accrue sick and safe leave on a monthly basis.

Leave for faculty and staff

  • Holidays
  • Family and medical leave (FML)
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Paternal leave
  • Leave without pay

Please visit the Holiday Schedule Web page for the dates of upcoming university holidays.


Leave of Absence

A period of unpaid or reduced paid leave is available for research or other non-medical reasons. You can continue your benefits, including tuition benefits.

Family and Medical Leave

We're in Washington DC. Under DC regulations, you get 16 weeks for your own medical care PLUS an additional 16 weeks for family care. In some cases, the leave is paid.

100 Percent Salary on Short-Term Disability

In the event of an extended absence due to illness or injury, we pay 100 percent of salary for up to six months at no cost to you.

Long-Term Disability

In the event of an illness or injury that extends beyond six months, you will receive 60 percent of your income PLUS up to 15 percent retirement contributions, AND you can stay in our health and dental plans. Also, if you're with us for at least five years full-time, you still get tuition benefits. Participation in LTD is required after one year of service and the cost is shared between you and the university.