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Success Beyond Kogod: Alumnus Reflects on 40 years in Business How Kogod Guided Richard Green’s Career

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Richard Green
Credit: Richard Green

Kogod alumni have diverse careers that take them beyond the reaches of the classroom. For Richard Green, BSBA ’74, Kogod gave him the tools to navigate the world of business and focus his career in mortgage, an industry he has been dedicated to for 40 years.

Green came to D.C. from Albany, New York in 1970 and enrolled in Kogod’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, with a concentration in Accounting. Green was interested in other aspects of business as well, so he added a finance specialization. He wanted to diversify his career options and broaden his skill set for any career in business.

After graduation, Green focused his career in real estate. His father was a broker so it was “in his blood,” but Green attributes much of his success to Kogod. “It taught me how to think, how to analyze, and be able to dive deeply into things I needed to understand,” says Green.

Green began his career in the mortgage industry in 1976 with CenturyMortgage. The mortgage industry bridges his interest in real estate and his finance and accounting background. Since then, he has worked for companies big and small throughout the Maryland Area, and is currently employed at Presidential Mortgage Group

Green was recently awarded the Maryland Mortgage Banker of the Year Award by the Maryland Mortgage Bankers Association (MMBA), marking a major personal and professional achievement. The award recognizes his years of excellence in the industry, and his continuing years of service. Dennis Sullivan, the President of MMBA, said: “Rich has been an industry leader for a long time. This award is exceptional, because he’s been nominated by the association members who recognized his commitment.”

Green’s dedication to his career reflects the drive and passion that Kogod instills in its students. The ever-changing and scintillating environment in D.C.—and at the Kogod School of Business--drove Green toward success. This award marks a major alumni success for Kogod. The school is proud to see alumni making a difference in the District.

Kogod encourages their students to explore a myriad of topics in order to be successful in future careers. Green’s advice to prospective students is: “Don’t pigeon hole yourself. See everything that’s out there before you decide exactly what you want to do.”

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