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Kogod Welcomes Annie Yu

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Annie Yu
Credit: Annie Yu

This Fall, Kogod’s Center for Career Development hired two new undergraduate career advisors: Annie Yu and Megan Brew (yes, their names rhyme!). We sat down with each of them to welcome them to Kogod, and get a better sense of their background and experience.

Annie comes to us from the University of Virginia, where she earned her Master’s in Higher Education Administration. While at UVA, she worked as a Career Development Counselor and Academic Advisor. She’s worked for KPMG (she has a master’s in accounting, too), and holds a bachelor’s in business administration from the College of William and Mary. She’s also a killer soccer player—she’s got the credentials from William & Mary to prove it!

Learn more about Annie below, and stay tuned next Friday for our interview with Megan.

Kogod School of Business: You’ve got a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. What inspired you to pursue this path?

Annie Yu: Before pursuing my master’s, I was a federal auditor for KPMG. What pushed me to make a career change was when I started speaking with potential students and incoming associates at recruiting events. I wanted to develop a purpose for what I was doing every day, and I fell in love with guiding students toward accounting careers. After many informational interviews, I felt higher education best suit my skills and goals. Getting my master’s was the first step in helping me start this new chapter in my life.

KSB: You also have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In what ways does this background connect to what you’re doing now?

AY: Getting a BBA in accounting and master’s in accounting has helped me connect with a lot of Kogod students. I understand the stress and the challenges that come with being a business student both academically and professionally. I thoroughly enjoy meeting students where they are the best way that I can, and I think my accounting background allows me to do so.

KSB: Do you have a professional experience or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of? Why?

AY: I’ll always be proud that I worked for a Big 4 Firm. It was a difficult yet rewarding road to get there. I vividly remember interviewing for multiple externships and internships while balancing school and soccer in college. Although I no longer work for KPMG, I still have fantastic memories and connections that will last a lifetime. It has prepared me to help Kogod students have the chance to experience the same events I did.

KSB: Why did you choose career advising as your career path?

AY: I wanted a role where I felt I could impact a student’s life. I believed and still believe career advising fits that role. I love being able to share my background and experiences to lessen a student’s anxiety and stress regarding the future. I also like to challenge students to critically think, analyze, and ultimately make decisions on their own about their careers, because it is something I wish I had more exposure to when I was a student.

KSB: What are you most looking forward to in your new role as a KCCD career advisor for undergraduate students?

AY: Just getting to know them personally and professionally. I want to be more than just a career advisor. I want to be someone that the students can come and talk to whenever they need help or they just need to talk. I believe every student is unique and has their own story, and I want to get to know who they are so I can help them the best way that I can.

KSB: What attracted to you to Kogod specifically?

AY: The culture, 100%. Everyone knew each other, and it felt like a big family. I also felt at Kogod and at the KCCD I could be myself, and so far, this has held true.

KSB: What do you hope to accomplish working at Kogod?

AY: I want to show up every day and work hard for the school and for the team. I also want to be available to help as many students as I can with their career development, and to provide them with the resources to do so.

KSB: Anything you’d like to add?

AY: I am looking forward to this year! I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of fun.

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