Christian Englehardt

Internship: Boy Scouts of America, National Capital Area Council

December 9, 2021 | Hello everyone! We’re finally finishing out the year and this is our final blog together! It feels surreal to say, but my first semester at AU is almost over! Between Thanksgiving Celebrations with family, being out with friends, and the events here at AU, the last month has been a very exciting time for me. After coming back stuffed with turkey and having seen some Broadway shows (“Six” is just as good as they say), final exams have begun. 

Between homework and studying for tests, there’s always work to be done, and at times it can definitely be overwhelming. Which is why it's been great to use the lounges here on campus for group study sessions with friends. Even when we may not have the same classes, being together (with snacks, of course) is a great way to keep morale high and our minds focused. With my first two finals already down, and my homework finally completed, I’m more than feeling up to the task of weathering out this season, and having fun doing so.

As this semester comes to a close, I’ve also come to really reflect on the great opportunity I’ve had interning with National Capital Area Council Scouts BSA as a Communications Intern. I’ve been a Scout all my life, since I first joined as a Tiger when I was seven, and this opportunity to work with Scouts one last time has truly been a wonderful experience. As an interviewer, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with all manner of Scouts coming from various backgrounds and journeys on their path to Eagle, and it's an experience I cannot recommend enough to any who want to hear about the future leaders of our community. Everyone I’ve worked with has been so strongly supportive of my work, and supremely helpful. 

The support network of my supervisor and my coworkers has been eye opening for me. When I first entered my internship, I was really scared of all the professional obligations that I’d need to fulfill, and worried that my inexperience would work against me. I found myself truly overwhelmed with all the positive feedback everyone provided. I really think, despite all the horror stories that can be thrown around, calling upon more experienced coworkers really made all the difference for my internship experience.

And with winter break around the corner, I’m looking forward to some well-deserved rest in addition to spending time with my family and cats. One thing for sure is that I’m happy with my first semester at AU,and I’m hoping for many more. And as for Cornerstone, I could not be more grateful for the wonderful experience it has provided me.


November 22, 2021 | Hey everyone! It’s almost surreal to think another month is over, and that it’s now November! One thing I’ve learned in college is that no matter how long a class can feel, the weeks really pass you by. Maybe a bit too quickly; I walked outside one day in shorts, and brr, I felt like I was becoming a popsicle. It’s hard to believe that this is the same DC that nearly baked me my first few weeks here on campus.

I feel like I harp on the campus here at AU (and I do so with good reason, the fall colors just add to its beauty), so I’ll spare you most of my praise. Instead I’ll talk about one place I’ve really taken the time to get to know DC…beyond just the National Mall. With the UPass allowing AU students to get on any line or bus, my friends and I have been hunting around trying to hit all the sites and monuments we can. Despite our best efforts, we’re barely even a quarter done.

Speaking of sights, the Smithsonian National Zoo–the first zoo I’ve been to since middle school–was a magical experience. Not only do you get to see elephants, tigers, and even baby pandas up close, but you get to do it for free. After hours of touring around and futilely trying to see every exhibit there was, my friends and I vowed to return again and again until we’ve seen every animal it has to offer. Our next visit will be during the warmer months.

DC dining may be pricey, but in terms of taste, it’s definitely for good reason. There are tons of great restaurants throughout the city, but I’ll always remember taking a friend out to Founding Farmers for his birthday. I don’t think there’s a truer sign of quality than when someone starts crying tears of joy for how good the meatloaf tastes.

I cannot recommend touring DC enough; it’s one of the best parts of AU. Even better, AU Gamers Club, which has really cemented itself for me as the beacon of light in the darkest tunnels, or simply put, my favorite way to unwind. Whether it’s looming Japanese tests or the first ten-page paper I’ve ever written in my entire life, it’s all been made easier by having someplace I can go every Saturday night to hang out with friends and try brand new board games. Finding this pillar that I can always rely on has made all the difference in my motivation and stress levels. 

As for my internship, things are going great! I’ve been learning a lot and have gotten the hang of things especially when it comes to conducting interviews and writing articles – the basis of what I do at Boy Scouts of America. 

I am looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving break. Being able to return home, see my pets and family again, and just unwind is always welcome. 

October 12, 2021 | Hey everyone! I’ve been a busy bee these last few weeks getting lots of things done (midterms are like that), and after everything that’s been accomplished, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. By now, I’m already feeling adjusted and comfortable living on campus, and I’ve yet to get another sunburn since those first few weeks (knock on wood). Walking around campus, I’ve really come to appreciate the green, and the constant sound of chirping birds or crickets which is a welcome replacement to the typical sounds of city life in DC.

The greatest challenge these last few weeks has definitely been midterms and the weight of the Shakespeare Variety Show of the Rude Mechanicals; I experienced one truly hectic week as my tests and tech-week overlapped. Yet despite everything, I found my club and teachers to be both extremely accommodating and helpful. I was able to successfully navigate the difficulties of the stressful midterms period and ultimately I am happy with what I was able to accomplish.

Coming right before the midterm week, Parent’s Weekend was the first time I had seen my family since I arrived, and we made the most of it. Staying with them the entire weekend, we took the time to really explore the DC area and try out some of the fancier restaurants, so that I entered midterms week with a “ready” mindset and a full stomach. But the best part was being able to visit Red Bandana, a fully gluten-free bakery that supplies different foods for the celiac section of TDR (AU’s dining hall). I stocked up on donuts, cinnamon rolls, and macaroons. Though it hurt to leave my family after only three days back together, it left me energized for the week that followed.
Beyond that, the clubs on campus have become a key part of my weekly routine. Not a weekend passes without me attending the Saturday night AU Gamer’s Club, and I’ve become invested in both the games I play and the friends I’ve made. Betrayal at House on the Hill has already become a favorite of mine in just the four times I’ve played it; it’s a Lovecraftian style game with the twist that, as the game progresses, any player may become the monster. The game makes for great conversation, and through it I’ve made friends I’m always glad to see.

My internship with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has also been moving forward steadily especially as I move out of my initial “settling in '' phase. Recently, my primary project was focused on the creation of a communications survey to be sent out to Scouting adults all across the council area,a daunting task. Relying upon my supervisor and the assistance of fellow members of BSA, I was able to produce a satisfactory survey. As we wait for it to be sent out and get the results back, I’ve now been charged with handling interviews and writing articles for the National Capital Area Council BSA website. As I’ve just finished my first two interviews, I can safely say I’ll excel there too.

Though stressful, these last few weeks have only cemented my desire to be at AU; I’ve truly enjoyed all the great moments. I’m looking forward to doing more shows, more board gaming, and taking more advantage of my access to the National Mall in the coming months.

Photograph of Christian at Move-inSeptember 22, 2021 | Hey all! My name is Christian Englehardt, and I’m a freshman studying History and Poli-Sci. I’m New Jersey born and raised (shocker at AU I know), from a town called Hoboken right across the Hudson from New York City. You can thank us for the invention of the zipper, America’s first brewery, and the first-ever official game of baseball. Being so close to the city, the transition to Washington DC was definitely smoother than I expected. There’s definitely been ups and downs in the transition (I had a sunburn throughout my entire first two weeks!), but I think I’m finally beginning to settle in, and I’m glad to say there’s no place I’d rather be.

My first few weeks at American University have been truly amazing! After a year and a half of virtual classes, I cannot begin to tell you how much joy I feel when walking across the beautiful campus here at AU. All the life and vibrancy of the campus was what originally made AU stand out in a sea of possible schools, so to finally be here is a dream come true. Having the U-Pass is a wonderful thing! I find myself constantly leaving campus, whether it be for eating out with friends in Tenleytown or slowly making my way through each museum surrounding the National Mall. Even after all this time, I still find myself exploring and enjoying D.C.

One thing I definitely didn’t expect when moving on campus was just how many things there were to do. Originally, I imagined that I’d do my internship, maybe one or two clubs, and just hang out with friends. Now, all these weeks in, I find myself balancing my internship and classes with two separate theater productions, debate society, night monumenting, and the weekly meetings of the AU Gamers Club. And what surprises me is that it somehow all works! Having a virtual internship with the Boy Scouts of America as a communications intern was initially nerve-wracking (How could I possibly do all my work without entering an office?), yet I found myself quickly establishing a connection with my supervisor and a strong appreciation for the accommodating work hours.

Photograph of the Washington Monument at night.My first few weeks at American University have been nothing short of wonderful even with my two week sunburn! I’ve already begun to meet friends with whom I hope to share the rest of my four years. Even the academic rigorous classes I am enrolled in have proven to be engaging! As I write this, my first show prepares for performances this Saturday; I can only hope that it's one more thing to cap off an already amazing start to the semester.