Cornerstone DC features a curriculum that allows you to graduate on time with your class. You will take required AU Core and courses that meet your intended major requirements. To learn more about AU Core, visit the website by clicking here.

AU Cornerstone D.C. students are required to maintain a 2.75 GPA while in the program. Program staff will engage students throughout the academic year to check their academic standing and make sure they receive necessary support. Students who do not adhere to the program GPA requirement may forgo their spot in the program.

Program Elements

Pre-Internship Semester - Fall

Take between 14 and 17 credits – Cornerstone recommends 17 
  • CORE-196 American University Experience I – AUx1 (1 cr.)  

    • AU Core Foundations Requirement 

  • CORE-107 Complex Problems Seminar (3 cr.)

    • AU Core Foundations Requirement 

    • Taken in your University College cohort

  • WRT-100 College Writing OR WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive (3 cr.)  

    • AU Core Foundations Requirement 

  • Major OR AU Core Requirement (3 cr.)  

  • 1-2 Elective(s) (3 cr. each) 

DC Internship Semester - Spring

Take between 12 and 16 credits – Cornerstone recommends 13 

  • CORE-200 American University Experience II – AUx2 (1 cr.)  

    • AU Core Foundations Requirement 

  • WRT-101 College Writing OR WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive (3 cr.) 

    • AU Core Requirement 

  • Quantitative Literacy I (Q1) (3 cr.)  

    • AU Core Requirement 

    • Multiple math and statistics courses to choose from 

  • UGST-120 AU Cornerstone Practicum (3 cr.)  

    • AU Cornerstone requirement

  • Major OR Elective (3 cr.)  

    • There are some courses that require additional credits, like language courses (usually 4 credits) and science courses that have labs (usually 4 credits) 

This roadmap is your guide to a successful experience. Along the way, program staff and faculty will be supporting you during the internship search process. This roadmap ensures your completion of all the necessary program milestones. As you move through the program milestones, program staff will verify completion of the outlined requirements. Successfully making it to each checkpoint will lead you one step closer to your internship!

This checklist is subject to changes between now and the fall.

Cornerstone DC students join AU's largest living-learning community, University College (UC). In this program, students enroll in a complex problems seminar which satisfies an AU Core requirement.


Students live together in first-year residence halls. Each floor has a theme inspired by a group of UC courses, which in turn inspires community events throughout the semester. 

University College housing is mandatory for first year students in the Cornerstone program. 


Courses are hand-picked Complex Problems seminars from the AU Core curriculum. The seminars create an environment for collaboration and communication across the classes.

Live & Learn at AU


Cornerstone students will be a part of University College, AU's largest living-learning community. This exceptional opportunity for first-year students combines the best residential and academic experiences!