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Streaming Video, Canvas and other LMS

There are a few different options for how to get streaming media into Canvas. They are outlined below:

Streaming Video From the Library Catalog

The library has licensed over 50,000 video titles located in the library catalog which are available online for instant access. They are identified in the catalog with the Call Number: AU Streaming video. Some of these are restricted to AU ID holders and some are open access. These all can be linked to Canvas and viewed in their entirety - Streaming Video Collection.

To have a link placed on your Canvas course, go to the Course Reserves tab, click on "Add Reserve Item" and fill out the "Media" request - (x3251 for assistance).

Streaming Video Clips, Canvas and other LMS

Media Services offers faculty the option of delivering video clips of Library material in Learning Management Software via streaming video. Clips can be digitized, placed onto a secure online server and linked to the professor's LMS course. Streaming video can be accessed by authorized course users from any computer with high-speed internet capabilities, thus providing students with 24-hour access to reserve video materials.

Media Services provides all streaming services under terms established by the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (the TEACH Act).

  • Any use of streaming video must be analogous to in-class use.
  • There is a limited period of time for storage and dissemination.
  • Warning and notice of copyrighted materials must be posted.
  • Works permitted will be limited displays of images and other works in amounts comparable to live classroom setting.
  • Generally, only works belonging to the Media Services library collection may be streamed.

How to request a clip be put on your LMS course.

  • Your course must first be active in your LMS.
  • Requests must be made by filling out a Clip and Streaming Video Edit Log. Media Services staff can assist you in using video equipment to determine clip time codes for the log.
  • Fill out a separate log for each course.
  • We will not accept a syllabus and/or reading list in place of a completed request form.
  • The faculty member must sign a copy of the Streaming Policy Form. Signatures of teaching assistants, administrative assistants, students, spouses, or other faculty or staff are not sufficient.
  • Each form must include the instructor's name, the course number, and the instructor's department. The instructor must also provide his/her phone number, and an e-mail address.

The TEACH Act limits the amount of a work which can be streamed to "a limited and reasonable portion". We can stream up to 50% of a work in the LMS. If a substantial amount of a work is requested, the professor may be asked to provide a written justification for the longer amount. Learn more about the TEACH Act from the American Library Association's Distance Education and the TEACH Act.

Media Services will consider Fair Use arguments for streaming longer portions of videos. You must submit a signed and dated copy of the Fair Use Evaluator form which will be kept on file if a Fair Use justification is applied.