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Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Place your interlibrary loan request now:

Fill out our web form to place a request for materials not owned by our library. Or search our catalog to place a request for materials held by AU or another WRLC library.

For more information about placing a request, please read our detailed instructions below.

Tips for placing a successful ILL or CLS request:

•  It’s very important to state on the request form where you found your citation. We can use this information to assist us in our search and greatly reduce the time it takes to get the article or book into your hands.

• Performing a title search in WorldCat may be the best way to verify your citation, and this will also provide you with an OCLC number for your request.

• OCLC or ISBN numbers for books and ISSN numbers for articles are very helpful to library staff and including this type of information when placing your requests will help expedite the process. 

• If you have received an “unavailable” notice for a CLS request, and you would now like for us to find it through ILL, including information about this notice in the ILL request’s comments section will help our staff determine whether we should attempt a search of WRLC libraries.

• WRLC/consortium loan items requested by a proxy patron may be charged to the faculty member, but interlibrary loan requests must be placed by the faculty member in order to be checked out to the faculty member’s account

• For frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Detailed Instructions for Requesting Books or Journal Articles:

Step one:         Search the Aladin Catalog by the book or journal title.

Step two:    If the book is owned by a WRLC school, it can be ordered through Consortium Loan Service (CLS) by clicking on the yellow post-it note link. Note: To check item availability at George Mason or Georgetown, select the “holdings” link provided in the individual catalog records for that item.

Step three:       

Option A)  If the item is not available through CLS, you can search WorldCat for the title and then select the link that says "Request this item through ILL." This will prompt you to log in to your MyALADIN account and will take you to our request form.
Option B)  If you are not requesting the material through WorldCat, please log into your MyALADIN account and select the ILLiad Log in link near the center of your homepage.

Loan period for CLS/ILL Materials:

 Undergraduate students and staff (CLS)

4 Weeks

 Graduate students (CLS)

6 Weeks

 Faculty (CLS)

Fixed Dates: May 31, Sept. 30 or Jan. 31

All Patrons with Non-Consortium

Varies according to lending library. Please see printed due date on label affixed to material.

Lending to other libraries and institutions:

AU participates in facilitated borrowing within the Washington Research Libraries Consortium (WRLC).Libraries not affiliated with the WRLC may also make requests. Generally other libraries submit requests to us via the OCLC ILL system by using library symbol EAU.

Libraries that don't participate in OCLC may use either the online form for books or the one for articles. Please try to avoid creating duplicate accounts for the same institution and call 20-2885-3240 if you are unsure or if you need assistance. If your institution would like to borrow a book from American University via interlibrary loan, the charges per request are as follows:



Non-Returnable Items

(photocopies, Microform prints)

For-Profit Libraries



Non-Profit Libraries



Public Libraries



Government Libraries



Academic Libraries



LVIS Libraries


$0 (up to 30 pages)

*Add $25 to loan charge for items rushed

Items that cannot be borrowed from AU:

Entire issues of journals, magazines, newspapers, reference materials, sound recordings, software, audio or video-cassettes, DVDs, rare books, materials held in special collections, and most materials published prior to 1900 are generally not available through interlibrary loan.

For ILL/CLS assistance please contact:

General ILL Office

Shane Hickey
ILL Coordinator

Andrea Paredes-Herrera
Borrowing Specialist

Alexander Mackintosh
Lending Specialist