Printer Locations

Bender Library has three, high volume black and white printers and one color printer located on the lower level. There are six quick print computer stations in the Print Center, which patrons can use to send print jobs. The Graduate Research Center, accessible from both the SIS terrace level and the Library's lower level, also has a high volume printer.

Printing with Papercut

Patrons will use a cloud-based system (Papercut) to print, whether printing from library computers or laptops. This system does not require installation of printing software, however you must be connected to the “eagle-secure” wifi to use this website. Please follow these printing instructions on how to use the system.

Costs & Payment

The Library printers only accept EagleBucks or print funds. Students receive $25.00 per semester for printing needs. To check your print fund balance, please visit and click the “Summary” in the upper right-hand corner. If you did not receive print funds, please contact us.

Printing costs ten cents ($0.10) per page. All library printers default to double-sided printing to conserve paper.

Printing Help

Phone Icon (202) 885-3232
Email Icon
Location Icon Bender Library, Lobby

Guest Printing

Guest printing is not available with Papercut. However, free scanning to email or USB is available on the lower level, in the lobby area. Guests should visit the Information Desk in the first floor lobby for assistance. Guests are able to print at the UPS store, located in the tunnel of Bender Arena.