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How to Reserve a Collaborative Workroom

Current AU students are able to reserve Collaborative Workrooms in the Library during the Fall and Spring semesters, from 8am until 11pm. These rooms are for students looking to find a group project, or group study session space. They are not to be used for office hours, TA sessions, tutoring sessions, or the like. Please see our Collaborative Workroom Policies for additional clarification, or feel free to contact the Library’s Information Desk with any questions you may have.

To view collaborative workroom availability and make a reservation, please create an account at Select the current semester's "Study Room Reservations" schedule. After creating an account, you may view available collaborative workrooms, reserve a room, cancel, or moderate your current reservation.

After completing the registration form, you can log into the system. Be sure to select the schedule for the current semester.

Room Reservation Schedule Form

Available rooms will show up as white. Click on the time and room you would like to reserve. In the pop-up window, be sure to specify the end time for your reservation. For collaborative workrooms, complete the form with your name, AU ID number, the number of people in your group, and save. The reservation should now show up as a yellow block of time on the schedule.

Click on your appointment time to cancel or modify a reservation. If you no longer need your reservation, please cancel to allow others to book the room. For collaborative workroom reservations, if your group is late by 15 minutes or more, you forfeit your reservation.

Contact Us

For additional assistance in booking a collaborative workroom, please contact the Library Information Desk at (202) 885-3232. Note: Information desk is only available during standard hours.

Workroom Policies