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Geospatial Research Lab

Located in the Anderson Computing Complex (Room B-16), American University Library's Geospatial Research Lab supports the research and teaching programs of American University faculty, staff, and students, through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and resources. The lab builds and curates American University's spatial data collection and provides support for both research methods and software in the pursuit of robust geospatial research on campus. AU scholars are encouraged to explore how geographic visualization and analysis can assist in examining relationship and causalities, uncovering patterns, and making predictions.

Geospatial Data

The Geospatial Research Lab hosts license-restricted Geospatial Data in the American University Library's Digital Research Archive. We also have a Subject Guide to help you find data using publicly available resources. Please contact for more information on specific geospatial data acquisition requests.

Software and Licenses

Specialized geospatial software is available in the Geospatial Research Lab, including ArcMap, QGIS, TerrSet, and ENVI+IDL. A complete listing of the lab's software is available on the Anderson Computing Complex site. Additionally, the American University Library can facilitate ArcMap software installations on any American University-owned PC. Please contact to become connected to the American University ArcGIS Online Organizational Account, to access ArcPro licenses, or to request an ArcMap installation.

AU GIS Course Offerings

Interested in taking a GIS course at AU? Learn more about what types of classes are available to you on our GIS Course Offerings page.

Inside of Geospatial Research Lab

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Meagan Snow Program Director
Geospatial Research Support, (202) 885-6409