Meet the Center for Diversity and Inclusion Staff

Robin Adams Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Robin is influential in driving strong policies, initiatives, and systems that support the university’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and access. She also serves as an Adjunct Instructor

Stephon Bradberry Asst Director for Student Success, Transition, and Retention Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Stephon J. Bradberry is a beloved believer, yogi, writer, bibliophile. A product of Niagara Falls, New York and Fort Worth, Texas, his work focuses on creating sustainable ecosystems that empower indi

Anna Morrison Asst Dir, Edu. & Support Prog for LGBTQIA+ Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Anna Morrison serves as the primary resource person for information and advocacy related to LGBTQ+ communities at American University. She is focused on both individual and collective identity work in