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Personalize Your Room

Your room is your home away from home. Personalize your room and living experience with our vendor products and services.


MyFridgeRental offers a MicroFridge combination that includes a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave all in one unit. Using a one-plug system, this unit does not monopolize your outlets and provides plenty of storage space for your snacks and drinks. The unit is placed directly into your room and is ready to be plugged in upon your arrival. Microwaves cannot be used in residence hall rooms unless purchased through this vendor. Individual refrigerators are also available.

Place your order by July 31 to ensure on-time delivery and priority pricing. 

MyFridgeRental (301-758-7967)

Digital LockBox

The lockbox unit, offered by MyFridgeRental, gives you peace of mind throughout the day knowing that your personal and valuable objects are exactly where you left them. You can store wallets, cameras, passports, school documents, and more. The Digital LockBox uses a keypad that can be programmed to use any four-digit code and card reader that can be set to recognize any card with a magnetic strip. It is built with heavy duty steel and motorized with two locking bolts. A cable lock is included to securely attach the unit to a bed frame. The unit is delivered and installed directly in your room for you. Students can choose to either rent or purchase the lockbox from the vendor.

MyFridgeRental (301-758-7967)

Bed Lofts

Bed lofts provide approximately four to five feet of additional space under your bed, which allows for extra storage or a nook for your desk. Students placed into temporary triples for the fall semester should not rent a loft, as one will be provided. This service is unavailable for Centennial Hall, and Nebraska Hall. Students cannot bring or build their own loft.

Lofts are $215 for the academic year. Order through your AU Housing Portal.

AU Housing & Residence Life (202-885-3370)

Room Bedding 

OCM offers brand new, first quality, and custom sheets to make your shopping for college essentials easier and more affordable. This service provides properly sized sheets for you to personalize your room up unil graduation. Students can save up to 30% when buying OCM's bedding value paks vs. buying items individually.

View OCM's bedding catalogue.

Place your order by August 8 in order to guarantee in-room delivery prior to move-in. 

Laundry Alert

Laundry Alert allows students to check online if washers and dryers are available in specific laundry rooms, use their student ID to activate and pay for wash and dry cycles, and receive electronic notification that the wash and dry cycles are complete. Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall and paying for laundry is as simple as using EagleBucks.

Laundry Alert

Extra Long Beds

Due to a limited amount of XL beds, AU Housing’s policy is that we only reserve beds for students who provide documentation proving they are over 6’3 in height. If AU Housing runs out of XL beds before you are able to request one, we will add you to our XL Request Waiting List where there is a possibility an XL bed will become available after move-in.  Please contact to make this request.