Mail and Packages

Residents can send and receive mail and packages during the academic year. Care should be taken to avoid misdirected or returned items by following the instructions on this page.

Main Campus Residents

  • AU Mail Services oversees the reception and distribution of mail and packages sent to campus residents. Please visit the Mail Services webage to review how to address mail and packages, dates that mail and packages can be received on-campus, package limitations and how to receive your deliveries.
  • Mail keys are distributed at your residence hall front desk. Please visit your front desk to report a lost mail key. Issues with receiving mail or opening your mailbox should be directed to Mail Services.
  • Below is the correct way to have your incoming mail/packages addressed 

[First and Last Name]
[Building, Room Number]
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016


Frequency Apartment Residents

  • Frequency residents should address their mail and packages as shared below and will receive their mail and packages in the Frequency:
[First and Last Name]
4000 Brandywine St, NW
[Apartment Number]
Washington, DC 20016