Residence Halls

American University's residence halls are dynamic communities that promote student learning positive and affirming atmospheres. Each building has unique features, special communities, and is designed to promote student success. Studies show that students living in residence halls perform better academically and participate more fully in campus life.

Resident assistants (RA) on each floor engage students in learning opportunities and programs, provide support in mediating conflicts, and help with transitioning to university life. Additionally, each building has a live-in, full-time, masters degree-level professional known as a community director (CD). Community directors provide additional support to students and lead in the planning of learning opportunities for the entire building.

Our rooms are furnished and provide cable access, as well as wired and wireless internet access. Additionally, students have access to common floor lounges and kitchen facilities.

Students are encouraged to wait until moving in to purchase any large room items so that they are more familiar with their room size. We have created a packing list for recommended items to bring and those to leave at home. Students are responsible for understanding policies and procedures that they agree to by living on campus.