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Memorandum November 14, 2006

Campus Community
Neil Kerwin, President
International Travel Policy

I am writing to bring your attention to American University's International Travel Policy, which outlines travel protocols regarding the safety of AU travelers and the protections that are afforded by the university.

International travel is a fundamental and important part of our work as a university with global commitments and aspirations. Whether it's study abroad by students; faculty travel for research, conferences or individual presentations; or trips by staff members to tend to our numerous obligations - we are an institution whose community members spend a great deal of time on the road. We also live in a complex world in which the safety and support for our faculty, students, and staff are our most important priorities. The guidance and procedures in this policy attempt to ensure that as we pursue our many interests abroad, American University is doing its best to promote your security, safety, and well-being. This policy is important to our work, and anyone traveling abroad should become familiar with it.

To view the policy online go to