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Exchange Rate Indicators Genaro Villa

Epicurious Recipe Analysis Waseem Aburakia-Einhorn, Ethan Willing, and Stephen Kelly

Gun Deaths Alexa DiBenedetto and Danya Murali

Gun Crime Data Visualization

Alexa di Benedetto and Danya Murali's project analyzed over 100,000 gun deaths in the US between 2012 and 2014.

Data Science Careers Hafid Pradipta


Hafid Pradipta reviewed data science practitioners demographics, learning platforms, programming languages, job skills, biggest challenges and other factors, using a 2017 study of 16,000 respondents in 171 countries.

Medical Device Reports Nathan Smith

MDR Text Mining

Nathan Smith mined keywords from professional literature on medical devices.

Soccer Strategy Julia Smadja, Devika Nair, and Dominic Thomas

Soccer strategy analytics tool.

The soccer project looked at DC United soccer data to analyze game strategy of soccer matches.

Global Terrorism Sean Curl and Steven Aguilar

Global Terror Attack Time Series

Sean Curl and Steven Aguilar analyzed data from the Global Terrorism database with over 100 variables for location, targets, outcomes, and more.