Adjunct Faculty Office and Meeting Space

For Adjunct Faculty, SIS provides a dedicated workspace/computer in its Faculty/Staff Room on the second floor of the SIS building. Only SIS adjuncts may use the computer/workspace in that room.

Additionally, SIS adjuncts use designated commons areas in the SIS building for meetings with students. We have a number of common areas and even balconies inside the building with smaller tables and chairs to foster student- faculty interactions and student-student interactions. All of these are open whenever the building is open, as is our atrium.

There also are four commons areas with doors that are open during the day and easy for adjuncts to use; these are on the 2nd and 3 floor at the far end of the building (one in each corner). These commons correspond to 4 different graduate program areas. They also can be reserved by an adjunct to use at night. There are also conference rooms which are open when the building is open. Adjuncts can reserve them or just use any that are not reserved. They can reserve through any staff member (a program coordinator) or the SISHUB (where the mailboxes are).

SPA has a new, shared office for adjuncts (Ward 304) with several workstations, and a conference room with a window and whiteboard.

SOC has a space available for both adjuncts and SOC PhD students in a large room on the terrace level, which includes two work stations for adjuncts, a nice seating area with couch and chairs, and also a conference style table with chairs. In addition, adjuncts also have access to four conference/seminar rooms that may be reserved through our program assistants.

KSB has two dedicated offices with two to three stations that are reserved for adjuncts. In addition, adjuncts can reserve breakout classrooms for office hours.

In SPExS we have a small office in Spring Valley Building (SVB) off of the Dean’s suite reception area that holds two desks and two computers and is dedicated workspace for adjuncts. A small conference room with a phone and TV may be reserved by adjuncts as well. There is also shared open space on the Sixth Floor of SVB for conversations that do not require privacy. The Dean has requested additional office space for faculty offices, staff meeting space, and adjunct space.

The new WCL facilities at Tenley includes a large adjunct office with about five work stations and an attached private office for meetings with students. The space has Wi-Fi and network access; phone, fax, and printing service for small jobs. The “adjunct space” was intentionally space near faculty and other programs to provide a better collegial environment for faculty/adjunct exchanges.

In addition, an adjunct can reserve group study rooms through MyWCL and other conference rooms through EMS. There are many more of these at Tenley and adjacent to teaching spaces and adjunct office suite. The library also has additional “hoteling space” and group study rooms in the library and the commons area which can be scheduled via MyWCL.

For occasional meetings with students, the library has rooms that can be reserved online, but these rooms cannot be reserved for holding regular office hours.