Adjunct Faculty Office and Meeting Space

SIS provides a workspace/computer in its shared Faculty/Staff Room on the second floor of the SIS building. Only SIS adjuncts may use the computer in that room. Additionally, SIS adjuncts can use designated commons areas in the SIS building for meetings with students. We have a number of common areas and even balconies inside the building with smaller tables and chairs to foster student- faculty interactions and student-student interactions. All of these are open whenever the building is open, as is our atrium.

There also are four commons areas with doors that are open during the day and easy for adjuncts to use; these are on the 2nd and 3 floor at the far end of the building (one in each corner). These commons correspond to 4 different graduate program areas. They also can be reserved by an adjunct to use at night. There are also conference rooms which are open when the building is open. Adjuncts can reserve them or just use any that are not reserved. They can reserve through any staff member (a program coordinator) or the SISHUB (where the mailboxes are).

For Adjunct Faculty, SPA provides a dedicated workspace on the Kerwin Hall sub-terrace level, room ST06. This space will be used by adjunct faculty and tutors (Ph.D. Students) and can only be accessed by swiping an AU ID through the electronic reader. The suite contains: kitchen amenities (refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot), a computer station, whiteboards, printer/copier machine, storage space for storing class-related materials, and five desks/ carrels. There are also two conference rooms available for private meetings with a round table and three chairs. Adjuncts can reserve the conference rooms in advance or just use them if available. Reservation requests and access issues should be sent to

SOC has a space available for adjuncts on the terrace level of the McKinley Building, which is a shared office with SOC Communications and Outreach. The adjunct space has a private cubicle space with one desktop computer with additional desk space. There is also a conference table with chairs that is shared in the office space. In addition, adjuncts also have access to four conference/seminar rooms that may be reserved through our program assistants.

The space available for adjuncts in the College of Arts and Sciences varies by department and academic building. In Batelle, adjunct work stations are available in room(s) T-01 to T-03, and room T-05 is available for private meetings with students. For departments located in other academic buildings, consult your department office for further details.

KSB has three dedicated offices with two to three work stations that are reserved for adjuncts. In addition, adjuncts can reserve breakout classrooms for office hours to meet with students.

SPExS has a large dedicated office in SVB 404 for SPExS adjunct faculty which contains seven cubicles and computer workstations, as well as a small round table for meetings.  Each cubicle has small filing drawers which may be used to store and lock materials.  The office is unlocked every morning and adjuncts are asked to lock the office in the evening before they leave.  Program directors may request keys for adjunct faculty in their programs who use the space on a daily basis.

A small meeting room (SVB 428C) and a conference room (432) in the dean’s suite are available to faculty and staff for private meetings.  The offices are available during regular business hours and adjunct faculty may arrange to access the space after hours.  Both spaces are reserved through the SPExS SharePoint site or through the dean's assistant.

Shared faculty/student employee work room is available in SVB 412. The space contains eight cubicles and computer workstations and remains unlocked on a daily basis. There are also a variety of common areas in the Spring Valley Building, including the 6th floor former cafeteria and the 4th floor open space that faculty and students utilize for informal meetings and conversations.

This system has worked well for many years and is part of The WCL facilities at Tenley include a large adjunct suite in Yuma 343, with five desks, several computer work stations, and a conference room. The space has Wi-Fi and network access; phone, fax, and printing service for small jobs. Our facilities and adjunct support offices have a system where adjuncts who need to lock or secure items can do so.  The “adjunct space” is space near faculty and other programs to provide a collegial environment for  full-time faculty/adjunct exchanges.

In addition, an adjunct can reserve group study rooms through MyWCL and other conference rooms through EMS. There are many more of these at Tenley and adjacent to teaching spaces and adjunct office suite. The library also has additional “hoteling space” and group study rooms in the library and the commons area which can be scheduled via MyWCL. Finally, the Commons is a popular and effective meeting place.  These facilities and services are described in our adjunct faculty handbook.