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Committees on Term Faculty Affairs (AY 2018-19)

Chair: Maria Gomez

Kogod School of Business
Bob Sicina (2019)

College of Arts and Sciences
Sherburn Laughlin (2020)
Maria Gomez (2020)

School of Communication
Terry Bryant (2019)

School of International Service
Claudia Hofmann (2019)

School of Public Affairs
Dan Puskin (2020)

School of Professional and Extended Studies
Jeff Sosland (2020)

University Library
Avery Boddie (2019)

Washington College of Law
Macarena Saez (2019)

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs *
Núria Vilanova

* Ex officio, non-voting member

Term Faculty Task Force

Meg Bentley (chair) (Biology)
Jessica Uscinksi (co-chair) (Physics)
Mary Ellen Curtin (History)
Donna Dietz (Mathematics and Statistics)
Sean Doyle (Performing Arts)
Noemí Enchautegui-de Jesus (Psychology)
Martinique Free (Health Studies)
Wade Kothmann (Biology)
Jason Snyder (School of Education)
Mary Switalski (Literature)
Amy Trietiak (Health Studies)
Stef Woods (Critical Race, Gender and Cultural Studies Collaborative)
Svetlana Xu (World Languages and Cultures)

Term Faculty Committee

Dario Bernardini (chair) 
Corinne Hoare
Sarah Menke-Fish
Jennifer Lafleur

Term Faculty Affairs Committee 

Garret Martin (Chair, 2019)
Shawn Bates (2019)
Anders Hardig (2020)
Claudia Hofmann (2019)
Robert Kelley (2020)
John King (2020)
Mirjana Morosini (2020)

Term Faculty Affairs Committee 

Chair Michelle Engert (2 yr)
Vice Chair Daniel Puskin (2 yr)
Kimberly Cowell-Meyers (2 yr)
Nikki Souris (1 yr)
Susan Glover (1 yr)