You are here: American University Provost Communications March 26, 2020

American University Office of the Provost

Memorandum March 26, 2020

AU Students
Daniel J. Myers, Provost
Pass/Fail Option

Dear Students,

Beginning on April 1, 2020 and through the last day of classes, April 27, 2020 (June 7, 2020 for students on the four-term calendar), American University will allow most undergraduate and graduate students to select a Pass/Fail option for one, some, or all of their Spring 2020 courses. This change does not apply to the Washington College of Law. 

For Spring 2020 only, undergraduates may also use Pass/Fail courses to satisfy major/minor or university requirements. Please note that some students have unique requirements (including, but not limited to, degree requirements, requirements related to international accelerator programs, federal aid or scholarship regulations, or probation or progression standards) that may impact their ability to move a course to Pass/Fail. In these situations, we will ask students to meet with their academic advisor to discuss their options before opting for a Pass/Fail grade. Additional guidance for this process will follow via email next week.

We know that these are uncertain times and that grading is an issue that has been on your minds. After reviewing all aspects of this change to ensure it would not create unintended hurdles, we hope that it will alleviate some stress, allow you to prioritize your health and that of your family and community members, and afford you the opportunity to gauge your own academic progress and consult with your academic and financial aid advisors to make the decisions that are best for you. 

Dan Myers, Provost
Jessica Waters, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Wendy Boland, Interim Dean of Graduate Studies