Hire SIS Students

Connect with the next generation of global leaders and impact makers. We are always looking for employers who want to meet and support SIS students. We offer comprehensive recruitment tools and opportunities to connect you with top talent in your industry. Our students have expertise in a variety of fields that span private, public, and non-profit industries, with the practical skills to apply this knowledge

AU uses the Handshake platform for recruitment events and job postings. Need a Handshake account? Please refer to the AU Career Center's guide on Handshake.

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If you have an internship, job, or other opportunity that you'd like promoted specifically to SIS students, please send us the description. If you'd like to participate in one of our recruiting events this year, please sign up in Handshake or email Claudia Coscia with questions.

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Opportunities to Engage Students

Employers in the Atrium

Come to campus and meet students in our beautiful SIS atrium! Hosted between 4-6pm on weekdays, you can meet with students for informational and recruiting conversations. 

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US Capitol building

Job Shadowing

Provide an in-person look at your organization with these opportunities for students to come to you. 

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Employer Site Visits

Welcome a group of students to your offices to learn what it's really like working there and get a day-in-the-life picture of your organization!

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Career Event Opportunities

We host a series of signature events each year to help students explore career paths, polish professional skills, connect with alumni and industry experts, and learn about internship and job opportunities.

Host a group of SIS graduate students at your offices. Site Visits introduce students to your work, while hearing from your experts and hiring staff about what it takes to get a job in your industry. Discuss your opportunities and show off your company culture to a group of excited, qualified students. 

This is a 2-hour commitment and can acccomodate about 25 students to learn about your organization. 

We invite employers to host an information table for an afternoon in the high-traffic atrium of the SIS building to meet and engage with our students and promote upcoming opportunities to join your team.

Students can apply to spend a half day on the job with an alum or employer, observing and participating in daily work activities and meeting interns and other employees at the organization. The Job Shadow Program aims to give students insight into a particular work area aligned with their career goals.

Our industry themed networking receptions give emplolyers the chance to recruit top talent without the hassle of a fair booth!

We partner with the School of Public Affairs to bring you top student talent from a variety of international affairs, political science, government, and public administration backgrounds.

Each semester, new networking opportunities will be available.

Employer Policies

In order to utilize Office of Career Development services, including recruiting and hiring SIS students, you and your organization must comply with American University regulations and applicable federal, state, and local laws, including:

More information can be found on the AU Career Center website here.